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Фошань Jiangchang Жиһаз Limited

Фошань Jiangchang Жиһаз шектеулі қонақ жиһаз тәжірибесі 6 жыл, банкет жиһаз және сыртқы жиһаз әзірлеу, өндіру және сату бар. Біздің өнім мыналарды қамтиды: Chiavari кафедрасы Банкет кафедрасы Банкет үстел Диван кафедрасы, троллейбустар .King кресло Кесте мата Ghost кафедрасы Мобильді кезеңін Пластик кафедрасы Пластикалық үстел қамтиды.

Thanksgiving, Our all customers and friends

Thanksgiving Day is an ancient festival originally created by the American people. It is also a festival for American family reunion. There was no fixed date for Thanksgiving at first, and was decided by the states of the United States. In 1863, after the independence of the United States, Presid...
Thanksgiving, Our all customers and friends

Resin chiavari chair is a good choice for...

Nowadays , resin chiavari chair can be seen everywhere. It is small in size, easy to stack, convenient to transport, suitable for using in various occasions, can be used as banquet chair, conference room chair, dining chair, wedding chair, events chair, etc. Also, they can be used indoor and outd...
Resin chiavari chair is a good choice for event party

Stainless steel chair more and more popular

More and more stainless steel products are people’s favorite, stainless steel dinette is one of them. Stainless steel dining chair is generally simple design and solid color backrest want to match, easy to coordinate with the style of the restaurant. Stainless steel dining chair frame is usually ...
Stainless steel chair more and more popular

You know how to choose the cushion for ch...

Does the chiavari chair come with cushion or not? ●The unit price not with cushion, need to buy seperate. ●Cushion Option: 1. Surface Material: Polyester, Velvet, PU Leather (Shiny smooth surface) 2. Sponge Material: high density sponge 3. Velcro position: Side of cushion (near cushion back) 4....
You know how to choose the cushion for chiavari chair ?

【Product Introduction】Do you know about...

Customized Details       Dear customers, here are the details of customizable data and images, in order to speed up the order process between us. Because different design could effect the price, I would appreciate that if you could send an inquiry with the details that you need to customize. Th...
【Product Introduction】Do you know about the tiffany chair?
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