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Come to Pick, the must-have “treasure” of this wedding!

Come to Pick, the must-have “treasure” of this wedding!

Smooth line-shaped back, comfortable sitting,

This is the Sonar chair that has been burning for nearly two centuries.





   That’s right!

  Today our theme is the chair in the wedding!

  Don’t think that the chair has anything to talk about! As a detail-controlled team, our planners must decide the style of the chair in the wedding according to the theme, style, color, comfort, aesthetics and other factors. Therefore, the chair in the wedding is also very particular!

  Let’s classify the chairs in the wedding.





Chiavari chair

The Chiavari chair is named after the bamboo shape and has various colors (most commonly gold, white and transparent), which is suitable for most wedding styles.





As the most common chair in the wedding, the Chiavari chair has a very large design space, which can make the planner’s creativity perfect.




Napoleon chair


The Napoleon chair is the most common chair in the wedding except for the bamboo chair. It is similar to the shape of the bamboo chair. The common colors are gold and transparent.





Compared with the classic atmosphere of the bamboo chair, the Napoleon chair has a more beautiful shape, which is very suitable for the wedding of fairy tale and princess style.




Round back chair

The round back chair is named after the shape of the back of the chair, and the wooden frame adds a natural and simple temperament, which is mostly used for the Sen style or the outdoor lawn wedding.


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Post time: Aug-26-2019
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