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How to choose a high quality banquet chair

How to choose a high quality banquet chair

      JiangChang Furniture Hotel banquet furniture manufacturers, the production of banquet chairs have banquet aluminum chairs, banquet steel chairs, stainless steel banquet chairs, imitation wood chairs. Xuanyuan Furniture Banquet Chair is positioned in the high-end banquet chair, the banquet steel chair is 1.2 square tube, the banquet aluminum chair is 2.0 square tube, and the stainless steel banquet chair is 304 stainless steel.


   How to choose a high quality banquet chair? How to choose the same materials used?

   First, look at the banquet chair shape, whether the overall appearance is beautiful, and whether the lines are smooth;

   Second, the banquet chair sitting feeling, whether the backrest is wrapped, close to the back, more comfortable, whether the thickness of the seat and back sponge is appropriate;

  Third, look at the banquet chair work, whether the soft package details are flat, and whether the frame grinding is smooth.

JiangChang furniture banquet chairs are sampled and produced according to the design drawings. No 1mm error is allowed. Every detail is very demanding. Therefore, the proportion of banquet chairs produced is coordinated, the size is in place, and the appearance is more beautiful.


    JiangChang Furniture Banquet Chair Technical Features:

   1. The banquet furniture design and manufacture for nearly 20 years, two proprietary technologies, the structure is firmer;

   2. The welding wire and the substrate are completely fused together, and the polishing is smooth and seamless;

   3, banquet chair pipe surface polymer metal furniture baking varnish, no paint can not blister, high color;

   4, high-density sponge, good resilience, stable shape, no deformation, no collapse;

   5, with sufficient material, good craftsmanship, suitable for quality restaurants, restaurants, cafes and other dining places.

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Post time: Aug-15-2019
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