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How to choose the size of the dining chair

How to choose the size of the dining chair

   JiangChang Furniture dining chair is divided into no armrest dining chair and armrest dining chair. The general dining chair size is as shown in the figure.


     JiangChang Furniture dining chair classification:

     1, according to the material is divided into: solid wood dining chair, metal dining chair;

    2, according to the style is divided into: armchair, no armchair, bar chair;

    3, according to the function is divided into: leisure chair, active back chair, children’s chair;

    4, according to style is divided into: Chinese restaurant chairs, Western restaurant chairs, European banquet chairs;

    5, according to the use of the site: hotel, catering, commercial space.






   JiangChang Furniture Dining Chair Technical Features:

   1. The banquet furniture design and manufacture for nearly 20 years, two proprietary technologies, the structure is firmer;

  2. The welding wire and the substrate are completely fused together, and the polishing is smooth and seamless;

  3, banquet chair pipe surface polymer metal furniture baking varnish, no paint can not blister, high color;

  4, high-density sponge, good resilience, stable shape, no deformation, no collapse;

  5, with sufficient material, good craftsmanship, suitable for quality restaurants, restaurants, cafes and other dining places.


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Post time: Aug-22-2019
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