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How to transport the banquet chair, what kind of packaging form?

How to transport the banquet chair, what kind of packaging form?

  The banquet chair must be transported by the goods to reach the customer. Due to the special nature of the transportation process, the banquet chair products should be properly protected. The banquet chair is packed in wooden frame, carton packaging and woven bag. The banquet chair transportation mode includes express delivery, vehicle transportation, and zero-carpool transportation.


Banquet chair wood frame packaging, generally used for a small number of small size, the product is more important, time-critical customers, need express delivery, such as sample list. Large-scale hotels will require custom-made model banquet chairs before the banquet chairs are customized in bulk. The wooden frame packaging can better protect the banquet chairs from damage during transportation.


In the case of a large number of banquet chairs, there is a whole vehicle transportation or a zero-carpool carpool transportation. The whole vehicle transportation is directly connected to the customer’s place of use, and there is no need for transit. The banquet chair can be packaged simply and can be used for general protection. The carpool transportation has a transit process. In addition to the general protection, the banquet chair packaging must also be considered to withstand certain external forces. Therefore, the packaging method also changes.


  The banquet chair is packed in carton for high-star hotels, 4-6 banquet chairs, a carton, neat and beautiful, JiangChang furniture banquet chair is positioned in the high-end banquet chair. JiangChang  Furniture five-star hotel banquet furniture manufacturers, the production of banquet chairs have aluminum banquet chairs, banquet steel chairs, stainless steel banquet chairs, imitation wood chairs. The banquet chair is woven bag for general hotel restaurant, 10-13 banquet chairs, which is convenient for loading and unloading, saving time and effort.


  JiangChang Furniture banquet chairs are proofed according to the design drawings. No 1mm error is allowed. The details of each process are very strict. Therefore, the proportion of the banquet chairs produced is coordinated, the size is in place, and the appearance is more beautiful. JiangChang  Furniture designs custom banquet chairs for several domestic conference halls and banquet halls. The pre-sale design is perfect for 2-6 days, and the after-sales service is 2-6 days to solve the problem.

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Post time: Aug-19-2019
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