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【Product Introduction】Do you know about the tiffany chair?


Customized Details

      Dear customers, here are the details of customizable data and images, in order to speed up the order process between us. Because different design could effect the price, I would appreciate that if you could send an inquiry with the details that you need to customize. That could make me more easier to give you a quotation list. I will be thankfully that you read the following details patiently.

material choice

Tube Design

For the chair have two different tube design, one is PRESS RING another one is CUT RING. What are they differnet? PRESS RING design suitable for aluminum and iron materal, but CUT RING only aluminum could make it. (CUT RING tube needs larger diameter and thickness to cut and iron is too hard.)
IRON: 28*1.0/ 28*1.2(mm)       ALUMINUM: 28*1.8/ 28*2.0(mm)     CUT RING: 30*2.5/ 35*3.0 (mm)


Chair Bars

   For our chiavari chair bars have ( 3, 4 , 5, 6 , 7) , our regular is 3 bars. The quantity of bars it won’t effect the bearing capacity, but the container loading quantity and the goods volume also and their price would have bit difference.


Post time: Nov-02-2018
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