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【The logistics park suddenly caught fire】Again… reminder, the fire is fiercer than the tiger! !

【The logistics park suddenly caught fire】

        The fire area of the Bafang Logistics Park was about 1,600 square meters, and the fierce fire was finally controlled. The two wounded in the accident are currently not in danger. The main items that are burned in the fire are cosmetics, paints, tires, auto parts, express delivery and other items.The fire illuminates the vehicle. In the picture, many cars and buildings are affected by fire, and smoke is like clouds.

     There are nearby card friends who have taken pictures of the scene and posted it in the circle of friends:


    After years of operation, a fire broke out…Only  saw that the goods were burned to ashes, and the warehouse was burned with only empty shelves. The two big men stood in the unopened warning line and looked around, and they refused to leave. It turned out that their goods were burned and they did not buy insurance.

    The current cause of the fire is unknown. According to the live video, the area of the fire is large, and many vehicles and goods cannot be transferred, which may turn into ashes. According to informed sources, the loss of the fire may be greater than the loss of the fire in the Guangzhou Eight-Party Logistics Park in 2016. I hope there will be no casualties. It is conceivable that many logistics people will return to the night before liberation.


It covers an area of 120,000 square meters and has a storage capacity of 40,000 square meters. It has 300 cargo stalls and can accommodate more than 500 trucks. It integrates functions of warehousing, stowage, information, parking, tourism, catering, etc., and is designated by the Municipal Traffic Commission as the resettlement site for the adjustment of the demolition of freight yards, parking lots and business operators along Shaheyong.

        From the picture we can see that many vehicles and goods on the scene have not had time to transfer.

It’s shocking, my heart is overwhelming, I can’t help it… We can only remind everyone to take precautions in the first place, safety first, and never be fireproof as a child’s play. Xiaobian has not wanted to say anything more. The grassroots news about logistics fires has been written many times. The articles written in the article have been written. The reminders also reminded us that here are some of the logistics we have written before. The fire and reminder articles are listed, and again give everyone an alarm.



Post time: Jul-31-2019
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