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Banquet chair high value VS Cheap Price

Banquet chairs are often used for event rentals or hotel ballrooms. Due to its modern and elegant appearance, it is becoming more and more popular every year. Due to the huge demand for banquet chairs, there are some low-cost and low-quality banquet chairs on the market. Sometimes some customers ask why the banquet chairs of other companies are so cheap. They also want to buy our products at this price. JIangchang Furniture always provides higher quality products at reasonable prices. Our banquet chairs are not the cheapest, but our prices are reasonable. Our goal is to promote high quality furniture identification methods and to provide practical furniture for our customers.

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Jiangchang Furniture is a manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience. We have a professional team to conduct material market research to buy the best raw materials. Our iron banquet chair has a tube thickness of 1.2 mm and the aluminum chair has a thickness of 2.0 mm, but the cheap iron chair has a tube thickness of 0.8 mm and the aluminum chair has a thickness of 1.5 mm. In addition, our workers have more than 5 years of experience in producing high quality chairs and superior welding techniques. Our banquet chairs are tested by SGS and CE certified. We choose products with higher production costs and higher value. Because they provide our customers with the best long-term reliability. For event rentals, a long warranty period will save costs. A beautiful and comfortable chair will make your customers happier.

Our banquet chairs are divided into three levels to ensure that they are not damaged during transport. In addition, we will inspect the entire chair frame before packaging to prevent the transport of potentially defective products. This is more costly for us, but it reduces the problems for our customers.

Our professional order followers will provide you with a caring service. We will notify you immediately and provide a production photo when there is a new production process. From placing an order to receiving a receipt, we will fix it for you if you have any questions. Good service and high quality products make Jiangchang furniture very popular in the market.

If you are considering the quality of the product, you can choose to purchase samples from different suppliers and compare them side by side. Check the quality and details of the banquet chair and the services provided by the seller. high value

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Post time: Jul-18-2019
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