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Crazy March -Sales Promotion Month!

 The procurement promotion which is long awaited by many purchasers has already star in our company  and we name it “ Crazy March”. What can you get from this promotion? Let’s talk about the maximum discount that you will able to get.

We have prepared 20 coupons for our clients who will order during Mar.4 – Mar.31. The number of coupons is limited, customers who want it will have to make the order as early as possible.


                                                                  PS: Types of coupons

                                         * 100$, available for order more than 10,000$

                                         *  200$, available for order more than 20,000$

                                         *  700$, available for order more than 50,000$

                                                    Coupons can not be superimposed.

Finally, we will try our best to reduce logistics costs for you. If you are a purchase who never bought some cargo from China, we can give you some professional help.

promotion from in march

Post time: Feb-28-2019
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