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Hand infrared automatic induction sterilizer

  Hand infrared automatic induction sterilizer   

Fully automatic infrared sensor device is used, which is convenient to use, so that it is truly free of contact and clean hands, and effectively prevents cross infection and recontamination of bacteria. Using advanced infrared receiving technology and chip control technology, the performance is more stable and the control is more precise.

手部喷雾器The spray angle of the sterilizer nozzle is wide, the spray liquid is more uniform, and the effect is more ideal.


Scope of application: tea restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, bakery equipment, coffee shop equipment, beverage shop equipment, Chinese restaurant equipment, western restaurant equipment, winery equipment, seasoning processing plant equipment, fruit and vegetable processing plant equipment, frozen food plant equipment Meat processing plant equipment, snack food plant equipment

Post time: May-12-2020
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