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How to choose plastic folding table ?


Plastic folding tables can be found on many occasions, such as at home, outdoor event, banquet and conference. Because the plastic folding table has good design and light weight, it is easy to move and store, many people will choose it. Today we are going to introduce the plastic folding table to help you understand it.

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In the leisurely afternoon, if you want to sunbathe in the yard, drink some tea or play cards, it is necessary to buy plastic folding tables and chairs. The plastic folding tables and chairs are easy to move, you can move at any time indoor. Fold up when not in use, it can make full use of space.


1.Knowledge of purchasing plastic folding table

First of all, When purchasing plastic tables, you should pay attention to whether the surface is smooth and no gaps. And then, you should check if the bayonet is firm, slippery groove not astringent. To check the overall quality of tables, you can use both hands to shake the entire folding table back and forth, If it is solid, it means the frame is good. At last, You can open and close the table once to test the flexibility.


2.Matching skill of plastic folding table

①According to the size scale of the space, to choose different sizes of folding table.

②The plastic folding table is lightweight and flexible. There is not only the tables against the wall, but also the tables placed in the middle of the restaurant.How to choose can be based on personal preference.

③Choose plastic  folding tables of different shapes according to different styles. In general, plastic folding tables are more suitable for simple styles.


Post time: Jan-05-2019
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