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How to choose the banquet chair tube size ?

Banquet chair are suitable for different occasion, can be used as conference room chair, dining chair, wedding chair, events chair, etc.

So banquet chairs have already hot sale for many years. banquet chairs

When you need to buy large quantities or a bit banquet chairs, are you annoyed with how to choose or how to choose the material ?

Don’t worry. Now we will use a picture to tell you the difference for aluminum and iron material . 

Choice 1: 25mm aluminum tube 

25mm aluminum banquet chair

Choice 2: we have 25mm and 20mm iron tube size .

let me show you photo below : 

iron tube

Choice 3: 20mm iron tube 

iron chair

After knowing the difference between the tube size and thickness , i think you keep something in mind while doing business. 

Post time: Sep-22-2018
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