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How to choose the right church chair

When you view and buy one of the church chairs, you can find many types of church chairs. Although you may know how comfortable and fit they are for you, there are still some suggestions to help you when making your choice.

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Before you choose a particular type of church chair, the important thing to consider is the location of the church chair. This issue is very important because the location you use determines whether you need to be stackable or permanent. This is obviously a very simple but essential issue. If your location is an event, or if you want to easily change the layout of the church, you should look for a moveable and stackable layout.

After that, to choose a movable church chair, you should pay attention to 3 points as follows.

Stackable. Stackable church chairs should be stacked on approximately 6 to 8 chairs on top of each other. Another real fact is that cheaper chairs can pile higher, but obviously the chairs are less comfortable and stable.

Lightweight. The weight of the chair you choose is also very important, because you don’t want to move all the heavy chairs. In addition, a lighter chair reduces the chance of a guest being injured while trying to move.

Stable. Although the chairs are light enough, they should also be strong enough! Chairs with structural integrity can be used for longer periods of time.

Therefore, if the location of use tends to change and move, then easy to stack and light church chairs is your best choice.

Conversely, if you don’t need to change or move space, a permanent chair is your choice. Those chairs are heavier and most can stand the test of time.

To find a church chair with comfortable and ergonomic features, you may want to pay attention to these aspects.

The back of the silhouette. A chair with a contoured back gently holds the upper shoulder while supporting the lower back, while the back of the chair does not. This contoured back fits the Ergo-V support system and does not make the chair look unsuitable.

Strong and stable seat. Unsupported seats may be as uncomfortable as unsupported backs. Therefore, the seat should be able to withstand the test of heavy load and time.

Sturdy steel frame. The way to bend is one of the most important factors for a comfortable chair. Use mandrel bending technology – Steel bars are placed into the frame during bending, the chair can be stronger and provide more support over time.


The sturdy foam pad can be used for long periods of time without being subject to wear or tear. It should also confirm the user’s comfort. While the chair should not be too much to make it too soft and unsupported, a sales level of foam support is essential to the comfort of the user.

When it comes to fabrics, our company offers a variety of fabric options to ensure you can completely customize your church chairs. The fabrics we offer you are of the highest quality.
To find out if a company has confidence in its products, simply check that its products have a long-term warranty. The long warranty period represents the company’s confidence in its products to stand the test of time. Therefore, by looking at the warranty period of your company’s products, you can understand the stability and quality of the chair.


Our church chairs are backed by a 3-year warranty and we are confident in our products. If you are interested in our products

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Post time: Apr-24-2019
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