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Not a simple background, creating a different wedding

Not a simple background, creating a different wedding

  Generally speaking, the style of the wedding wall needs to be highly consistent with the overall style of the wedding. Whether it is from the main color or the detail items, it needs to be in harmony with the overall style and color. Therefore, when you are ready to start building a wedding wall, you must be clear about the general style you want.

LED wedding background 
    LED background wall is the most simple and most intuitive wall layout. It can be used to change the pattern or play video according to the different occasions and atmosphere of the scene. It can attract everyone’s attention at any time and give the guests the most direct experience.


hand-painted wedding background
The hand-painted background wall is a time-consuming and laborious arrangement. New people need to draw their own love and sweet opinions on the wedding background wall according to their own creative ideas, and

share this sweetness with others.


Flower wedding backdrop
The flower background wall is the most mainstream arrangement at present. The flowers of many varieties are arranged in order according to the color transition, and the background is decorated into the shape that one wants, which makes the scene more romantic and warm.

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Post time: Sep-30-2019
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