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See Our New Silver banquet Chair with Connection buckle

See Our New Silver banquet Chair with Connection buckle

                                         This creative banquet chair combines stainless steel elements with connecting buckles.   

banquet chair80

       Take a look at this new banquet chair made of stainless steel with connecting buckle. This structure can make the banquet chair layout neat and make your event scene more charming and noble.

banquet chair85

banquet chair85

With a pocket on the back, you can put posters for related events


banquet chair86

> Of course, in addition to high-quality materials, the structure of a chair is also very important, which requires the craftsmanship of the chair to be skilled. This requires not only excellent tools, but also experienced human resources. We employ workshop masters with many years of forging experience and use full welding technology to ensure that our chairs not only have excellent load-bearing capacity, but also can bear heavy weights of more than 500kg. This data is tested by our QC team. If you have any needs, please consult us. We can provide you with QC videos of corresponding products.

> Of course, the process is also very important, because it directly affects the user’s feel and vision. You can clearly see the details of the chair in the picture, it is smooth and flawless, there will not be some small bumps on the surface of the chair, which will seriously affect the beauty and touch of the chair. 

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Post time: Apr-13-2020
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