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Stainless steel dining table and chair selection skills

Stainless steel dining table and chair selection skills

  The quality of stainless steel processing dining table and chair should be distinguished.
  In the production of stainless steel dining table and chair, the formed stainless steel plate is assembled by cutting, decorative edge sealing and component assembly. Look at the appearance of the stainless steel dining table and chair. The quality of the production depends mainly on the quality of the cutting saw, the quality of the side and the surface, and the quality of the plate.



    The table material should be selected. The quality of the stainless steel affects the life of the table.
    Stainless steel table often uses metal parts as fastening connectors, so the quality of metal parts also determines the quality of stainless steel table. Metal parts require dexterity, smoothness, and good surface plating treatment. There should be no rust, burrs, etc., and the precision of the fittings should be high.

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Post time: Oct-24-2019
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