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Team building activities-Barbecu

                                      We held a barbecue for our employees


In National Day ,We held team building activities for our staffs every month in order to reflect the humanized management and care of the Jiangchang company to our employees, and enhance the recognition and belonging of them to the department, making the vast number of employees are integrated into the company family truly. By this way they can maintain a better work attitude, grow and develop together with the enterprise to promote the company culture construction and deepen the connotation of the company culture.

We held a barbecue event on National Day. Look, is it delicious, if you like to welcome to China 

jiangchang barbecu

-barbecue- Cheater BBQ Ribs on the Grill

Actually, as a conscientious furniture enterprise, we need a change to give our sincere gratitude to all the employees of our company who have been devoting themselves to the development of our enterprise. It’s their effort that make GreatTime progress continuously. Time is rare, and team building activities is a good way to express our thanks.


Post time: Oct-05-2018
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