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The high-end chair cover must be changed like this!

The high-end chair cover must be changed like this!


  The chair cover, as the name suggests, refers to the cloth cover of a chair. The chair cover is a kind of linen used to protect the chair, to decorate the chair and the room, and to facilitate cleaning.

  The chair covers are divided into banquet chair covers, conference chair covers, western-style chair covers, and box chair covers by area. Divided by style: iron-free chair cover, stretch chair cover, leisure chair cover, theme chair cover

婚庆酒店专用椅套---国际站_01 婚庆酒店专用椅套---国际站_02 婚庆酒店专用椅套---国际站_09

   Among them, the banquet chair cover: for large-scale occasions, the color matching should be flexible and convenient to use, and the conference chair cover: it should reflect solemn, quiet and generous. Western chair cover: personalized, not publicity, but it should reflect the hotel culture. Box chair covers: Most of them are themed chair covers. First of all, they must be integrated into the box decoration style, and large boxes and luxury boxes have different styles. The styles are relatively high.


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Post time: Dec-02-2019
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