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The wedding season, the decorative atmosphere is learned

 The wedding season, the decorative atmosphere is learned

     In the wedding season, the family or relatives will step into the peak season of the wedding, so there is a certain pursuit of the decoration of the romantic style of the home! On the day of marrying or marrying a wife, the family must be a Chinese-style, or a beautiful Western-style style. It is the right to open the wedding dress, and learn new skills quickly!


     Whether it is the beauty of the house, the fairy, or the wedding ceremony that is about to enter the wedding hall, or the home before the marriage, it is inevitable to arrange a turn, do not want to vulgarly create a poetic and artistic atmosphere of love, the process of a lifetime, Have a good layout, so that every detail of the home is surrounded by romance!


First step
Small and fresh, made beautiful

  Just to surprise your eyes. Such a fresh and beautiful little decoration can bring a sense of space that is monotonous and boring. Since it is to create a different wedding scene, a small and fresh environment, a comfortable and pleasant environment, can inspire one. The impression of the beauty of his brother’s beauty.


Second step
Romantic atmosphere

   Above the lover, the feeling of romantic beauty, want to create from a romantic atmosphere, carefully prepared small and warm environment, small decorations have to be applied. The scene full of dreams and fantasy, the great romantic color of the end, with the appearance of a modern small family, the feeling is to poke the warmth of the heart of the girl.

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     Want a unique wedding experience, the above several styles with a special style to decorate the wedding venue, not to be overwhelming, but also have beautiful visual effects, whether it is a niche or a forest, or sweet is high The value of the look, in this golden nine silver ten days, decorative tips will be used!

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Post time: Sep-02-2019
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