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Wedding choice chiavari chair, this money is worth it?

Wedding choice chiavari chair, this money is worth it?

       When it comes to wedding arrangements, the first thing that comes to mind is wedding color, floral, table decoration, etc., but in fact, the back decoration is also very visually influential. Due to the large number, size and height are conspicuous, the arrangement of the chair can express a sense of unity for the wedding screen.

      Keywords: weaving
It must be said that the woven style of the chair back decoration is indeed the most stressful and time-consuming one of the many ways, such as the braiding of the girl, well-ordered and not sloppy, refined and elegant.

    Keywords: ribbon
I heard that the ribbons and the beach are more suitable. I believe that there is such a scene in your mind: the sea breeze blows, the ribbons come and go, like the wind blowing your hair, with a firm and determined.


Keywords: veils
This is probably the most princess’s kind of chair back decoration, always reminiscent of a pink tutu. The bow tied behind the chair is proud and solemn.

Keywords: flowers
Flowers are never lacking in the wedding, but the ingenious finishing touches need more “with ulterior motives.” The lace-wrapped glass bottle, the idyllic flower basket, or the tight gauze make the small bouquet no longer a lonely ornament on the back of the chair.


Keywords: garland/rattan
Wreathed in the garland and heart-shaped cane behind the bamboo chair, different kinds of decoration, just want to convey a relaxed and lively emotion. The more you use your heart, the more you are sincere.

Keywords: tassel
The tassels are always reminiscent of words such as “golden, court, noble”. Do not blame it for being noble, only because of the general small fights can not set off its temperament.

In addition, there are always some different decorations about the exclusive seats of the bride and groom. The dense flower branches, the textured linen, the crystal clear beads, and the graceful lace trailing are all good choices. Remember: You are the protagonist of today.

Many brides like bamboo chairs, especially for outdoor weddings. It is really a favorite bamboo chair, so you can see the necessity of the bamboo chair at the wedding and the love of the bride and groom. There will always be a chair to make your dream wedding.

Testified by the picture, look at the effect and layout of the bamboo chair decoration together, after reading, you feel that the value is not worth showing up at your wedding scene.


Post time: Aug-02-2019
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