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What types of banquet chairs are used in hotels(二)

What types of banquet chairs are used in hotels(二)

   What are the types of chairs for hotel banquet chairs? In fact, there are many types of hotel banquet chairs. Well, the materials are distinguished by solid wood, aluminum alloy and iron. So which one do we use the most?

athol_two_2 (1)

  We often see a bamboo chair, which is also a type of hotel chair. When abroad, he often uses it for weddings. Marriage abroad. They like to get married outdoors, and then this chair is very beautiful. He has. Iron and aluminum alloys are also available in solid wood, and there is one, which is now very popular and is transparent. It’s not plastic, it’s actually acrylic, it’s very tough, and it’s also very good in compression. Wedding scenes in China are also used more and more.

Chiavari chair

chiavari chair2

Transparent chiavari chair

chiavari chair7

Tiffany chiavari chair

chiavari chair15

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Post time: Dec-24-2019
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