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Wuhan is “unblocked”, is the economy okay? How hard is it to restart?

Wuhan is “unblocked”, is the economy okay? How hard is it to restart?

           Seventy-six days after the “closure of the city”, Wuhan, which was most severely affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, officially “unblocked” on April 8 and pressed the restart button.

           The government’s investment attraction has also been carried out simultaneously with the “unblocking”. On April 8, Wuhan held its first “cloud investment promotion” in 2020. A total of 69 projects were signed that day, involving smart manufacturing, biomedicine, financial insurance, new energy vehicles and other fields, with a total amount of 245.1 billion yuan. Among them, 11 headquarter projects have settled in Wuhan.


     As early as a month ago, with the daily decrease of newly diagnosed cases gradually reduced to zero, local policy makers have gradually shifted their focus to economic restart, and the resumption of business and production has become the focus of public opinion.

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On March 11, the People ’s Government of Hubei Province issued a notice stating that Wuhan ’s enterprises involved in the protection of epidemic prevention and control, public utilities, people ’s lives, agricultural production, and other enterprises involved in important national economy and people ’s livelihood can resume production. In addition, enterprises that have a significant impact on the national and global industrial chain facilities can resume production after approval in accordance with the procedures on the premise that the prevention and control measures are in place and the prevention and control responsibilities are implemented. Enterprises that have not stopped business since the Spring Festival can continue production.

Post time: Apr-17-2020
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